Sage The Gemini Quits Social Media After Cheating Rumors

Rucuss staffJuly 4, 2015

Most up and coming celebrities need social media to help push their projects.

But Sage The Gemini doesn’t care. He rather jeopardize his career than his relationship with singer Jordin Sparks. The rapper decided to make the move after a woman claimed he direct message her in an effort to meet up in Los Angeles.

A former Real Chance of Love star Kip Force alleges she has DMs that Sage asked to meet up with her. Sage denies the allegations.













Sage the Gemini’s Ex-Fiancée Says He Cheated On Her With Jordin Sparks?! [Details]

Sage claims if Kip Force has DMs they are photoshopped. He went on a rant before he announced he is deleting all his accounts on social media. Read his rant below.

 photo screen-shot-2015-07-02-at-2-24-48-pm.png

 photo screen-shot-2015-07-02-at-2-24-15-pm.png

After Sage went on his rant, Kip Force announced she would give Sparks her Twitter password so she could take a look at the DMs herself.

It’s unclear whose exactly telling the truth, but hopefully lessons were learned from this situation.

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