Russell Westbrook Throws Tantrum During Game, Gives Awkward Interview [Video]

Rucuss staffFebruary 1, 2013

Oklahoma City Thunder player Russell Westbrook had a meltdown during Thursday night’s game against Memphis.

With 8:53 left and his team up 25 points in the third quarter, Westbrook got upset with Thabo Sefolosha because he made a cut to bring over a second defender. The two exchanged heated words because Westbrook received a five-second violation because of it.

Westbrook was pulled out of the game and appeared to have lost his mind on the bench. While assistant Mo Cheeks attempted to reason with him, Westbrook slammed down his towel, flipped over some equipment and took off for the locker room.

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Westbrook would return minutes later, but the Thunder’s 25-point lead decreased to 10. He returned to the game at the start of the fourth quarter and the Thunder would win the game 106-89.

His teammates tried to dismiss Westbrook’s actions as him being emotional. He said it was because of ‘miscommunication.’ But many aren’t buying it. To some, Westbrook looked like a selfish player.

Watch Westbrook’s tantrum below.

Watch Westbrook talk to Craig Seger about his tantrum.


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