Royce Reed’s NFL Boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe Allegedly Sexting Baby Mama! [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 18, 2012

Basketball Wives star Royce Reed has let her love life play out on television.

Reed, who is in the middle of a custody battle with Dwight Howard, appears to be an open book to the public. Although she’s had other boyfriends on the show, Reed appears to be head over heels for Tampa Bay wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe.

In Monday night’s episode, the couple talked about marriage. Briscoe even told Reed that he was going to buy a wedding ring in the near future. But the love fest came to an abrupt end in real life after the show aired. Briscoe’s baby mama Christina Nero apparently didn’t like what she saw, and she began a war of words with Reed on Twitter.

But Nero claims she didn’t go after Reed because of the show, but because she heard Royce was talking about her. Nero tweeted, “So @Roycelr I was told from one of Your followers your talking shit on here but FYI your so called man been texting me freaky texts”

Reed didn’t entertain Nero at first. The Basketball Wives star tweeted back, “Hows Jr? Cant wait to meet him! :o) He’s getting so big!”

Nero quickly responded, “Lol he is good hun, thanks for asking since your “boyfriend” never does and as for meeting him I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was u. You’re a bluff just like your f-cking relationship. Any REAL woman, would encourage her man to come see his son or hell at least buy a pack of diapers.”

Many believed that was the end of the Twitter beef as both didn’t tweet anything else Monday night. But after Nero took time to think about it overnight, she decided to release text messages that she and Briscoe allegedly had in March. Below are screen shots she posted on Twitter.

Royce didn’t buy that the text messages were real. She accused Nero and her friends of creating the messages above. Reed claims she asked Nero to send the messages Monday night via DM but she never did. Nero opted to post them publicly on Tuesday.

Nero continues to stick to her story. She even posted a screen shot showing the details of the sender with the phone number.

Royce responded with the tweet,”u dummy u changed the date & the number! Look at ur past captures! U c a “green” difference? U doin 2 much! Lmao! the part n green is changed. It should b black. ok I’m done! I’m just shocked she actually got friends sendin her texts or changing ish! Tht bush crazy!”

Royce then ended the conversation with the weet and picture below, “But hey get mad! Last I checked I was the 1 at the games & appearances & on the trips! #justsayin

Royce then posted her text conversation with Briscoe about the situation on Twitter.

It’s nice that Reed has her man’s back but as history continues to repeat itself, nine times out of 10 the man is usually lying. We just sayin!

Your move Christina.


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