Roy Hibbert Videobombs ESPN, Talks About Stephen A. Smith’s Hairline [Video]

Rucuss staffDecember 19, 2013

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert was in good spirits before his team’s game against the Miami Heat on Wednesday.

Hibbert, who stands at 7-foot-2, stood off in the distance behind Sage Steele, Stephen A. Smith and Avery Johnson as they were discussing the highly anticipated game. When Steele noticed that the crew was being videobombed, she invited Hibbert over.

Hibbert took the invite as an opportunity to crack jokes on Smith’s receding hairline, The Pacers star told Smith, ‘he needs to come on home.’

Smith responded by asking Hibbert if his hairline is better than LeBron James,’ but Hibbert did not take the bait. He simply said that his hairline has been consistent.

Hibbert was so proud of the interaction that he posted the video on Twitter.


Check out the video below.



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