Ron Artest Now Officially Known as Metta World Peace

Rucuss staffSeptember 17, 2011

Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest was approved by an L.A. Superior Court commissioner to legally change his name to ‘Metta World Peace.’ Artest’s new name means loving kindness.

But despite the name change, it won’t be the only name you hear on the season premiere of ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ Artest’s rep Courtney Barnes told E!News:

“They will ease into it, and not just blast off into his new name during the course of the show on Monday,” Barnes, said.

The legal name change came three months after Artest put in a request. He was not present for the hearing but his attorney petitioned to commissioner Matthrew C. St. George on his behalf. His lawyer requested a name change because of  ‘personal reasons.’ Metta World Peace’s request was delayed after he failed to pay an outstanding parking ticket.

Artest told E!News in a statement:

“Changing my name was meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world,” he said. “After this short delay, my tickets have been paid and I’m glad that it is now official.”







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