Roger Mayweather on Adrien Broner: ‘He Ain’t No Motherf*cking Floyd Mayweather!’ [Video]

Rucuss staffDecember 20, 2013

It’s no secret that Adrien Broner looks up to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and tries to model himself after the undefeated boxer.

Just like Mayweather, Broner trash talks opponents and tries to be flashy with his money. So many assumed his career would follow in Mayweather’s footsteps.

But as many saw over the weekend, Broner’s loss to Marcos Maidana ruined those expectations. Broner was knocked down twice during 12 rounds and loss by unanimous decision.

Adrien Broner Loses To Marcos Maidana, Gets Clowned On Twitter

Mayweather’s uncle and one of his trainers, wanted to make sure that the world knew that Broner was nothing like his nephew.

“The motherf—er wasn’t what he was anyway,” Roger said. “He wasn’t what people thought he was. They thought he was the next Floyd Mayweather. Now he got his ass whooped and people are saying, ‘This motherf—er wasn’t no Floyd.’ Hell no goddamn way he is.”

Mayweather was a little nicer with his critique of Broner after the loss. Watch Uncle Mayweather go off about Broner below.

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