Robin Thicke Crashes Porche Into Parked Car [Photos]

Rucuss staffJuly 11, 2012

Singer Robin Thicke smashed his black convertible Porshe into a parked car in Hollywood.

No, Thicke doesn’t need to see a optometrist or take driving lessons. He wasn’t under the influence either. As it turns out, Thicke was simply trying to avoid hitting another car who cut him off.

According to TMZ, Thicke told the authorities that another car cut him off as he was leaving the Chateau Marmont. The Duets star was forced to swerve his Porsche into a parked car. The grill and the tire of Thicke’s Porche was damaged. The parked car, a Volkswagen, also sustained damaged and was towed. No one was injured in the wreck.

Police do not believe alcohol or drugs were involved and there was no criminal investigation. An officer even gave Robin a ride to his nearby home.


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