Robert Guerrero’s Father Calls Floyd Mayweather, Jr. a ‘Woman Beater’ [Video]

Rucuss staffMay 2, 2013

There is plenty of drama leading up to the Floyd Mayweather, Jr.-Robert Guerrero fight on Saturday night.

Guerrero’s father Ruben Guerrero took center stage at Wednesday’s pre-fight press conference and called Mayweather a woman beater. Ruben, who is also Robert’s trainer, took the podium began his short speech by saying his son was blessed before he called Mayweather a woman beater at least four times before Oscar de la Hoya pulled Guerrero’s father away from the podium.

“May 4th, baby, you guys are gonna find out,” Ruben said. “My son’s blessed. I’m blessed, no matter what I am. I am what I am. I’m the real deal. I don’t talk s***, man. I back it up. Anytime, anywhere, like I said.”

Ruben continued, “And we’re gonna beat up that woman beater. The one that beat up his wife, man — his wife in front of his kids! You guys like that s***? You like this guy, (the) woman beater? He must have learned that from his dad. We’re gonna beat that woman beater! He’s gonna get it from a real man! Damn woman beaters. We’re gonna beat that woman beater down!”

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Mayweather didn’t flinch. He simply kept his head buried in his cell phone and chuckled most of the time. But he did give a serious face when Ruben first made reference to ‘woman beater.’

Mayweather served close to three months in jail last summer after pleading guilty to misdemeanor battery. Watch some coverage of the pre-fight press conference below.

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Photo via New York Daily News, Yahoo and Eurosport


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