Rival Hairstylist Fires Shots at Derek J’s Salon! [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 16, 2012

An argument over a hairstyle turned into gun fire at reality TV star Derek J’s hair salon in Atlanta on Thursday.

The incident occurred when Keisha Cole’s sister Neffe Pugh came to Derek J’s shop, The J Spot, after she wasn’t pleased with the work a crosstown hairstylist did. She asked Derek J to fix her jacked up hairstyle. But Derek didn’t have a clue of how to restructure her hair so he told Neffe to go back to the stylist to find a solution.

“Her [hair was] messed up to the point we didn’t know what to do,” Derek J told WSBTV. “So I was just like, reach out to the stylist and say, ‘Hey, what did you use, what did you do?’ and it turned from a professional conversation to more of an argument, but we thought it was done.”

Neffe left and a few hours later all hell breaks loose at the salon. The crosstown hairstylist came to his shop with a gun, Atlanta’s WSBTV reports. Workers at the salon said he waved his gun around the shop.

“A few hours later a gentleman shows up, the other stylist, wanting to talk and started an argument. I asked him to leave,” co-owner Lisa McCall said. “Before turning away, he waved the gun in my face and said, ‘You don’t think I will?’ And I backed up.”

Derek J adds, “And we know who the person is. And then when he did come, we knew it wasn’t a good thing when he came, but we thought it was going to be a quick exchange with words and then he was going to be gone. So, nobody really knew he would pull out a gun.”

A gunshot mark can still be seen in the floor of the salon

The gunman hairstylist allegedly shot the gun inside the salon. A gunshot mark can still be seen in his floor, WSBTV reports. Atlanta police have not located or arrested the perpetrator.

Derek J became a star from frequent appearances on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and also appeared in Chris Rock’s movie Good Hair. Neffe Pugh became a reality star alongside her mother Frankie, thanks to the nonstop theatrics and fights on Keyshia Cole’s BET reality show.

Watch the interview below.


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