Rihanna’s Cousin Makes Fun of Karrueche After Hanging Out With Chris Brown

Rucuss staffOctober 23, 2012

Chris Brown has no shame in his game.

Less than 48 hours after hanging with Rihanna at the Queebey Launch party in Hollywood, Brown was spotted leaving his house with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The two got into separate cars and stopped at a gas station before going into a music studio together.

Tran was driving the blue four-door Porche Panamera Brown bought her earlier this year. Meanwhile, RiRi was busy filming her Diamonds music video at a different location.

Now, to be fair, Brown broke up with Karrueche to sort out his feelings for both ladies. He claims he’s having a tough time choosing between the two because he loves them both. It appears for now, Brown is having his cake and eating it to.

Once photos surfaced of Brown’s bodyguard giving Karrueche money for gas, some fans posted negative comments on social media websites. Rihanna’s cousin Leandra (leleboo246) posted the photo below:

Leandra quickly deleted it after getting some negative comments herself. She instead retweeted someone else’s photo. Rihanna’s cousin then decided to speak her mind on Twitter. She tweeted:

Rihanna never said a word.


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