Rihanna’s 777 Tour: Party On The Plane With Friends, Flight Crew & Media [Photos]

Rucuss staffNovember 16, 2012

Rihanna is currently on her 777 World tour and she’s brought plenty of people along for the ride.

And judging by the photos, you haven’t truly experienced flying until you’ve able to hit the friendly skies with Rihanna. RiRi brought along a few of her Navy fans and the media on her plane as she undertakes performing seven concerts in seven countries in seven nights.

The photos below show Rihanna popping bottles with the media, cracking jokes and hanging out in the cockpit. Rihanna poured Ace of Spades and D’usse for everyone. She will be performing a 70-minute show in each country, in front of fans who have won tickets through online promotions, radio and other promotional events.

Rihanna has already performed in Mexico City, Toronto. Her remaining stops are: Stockholm (November 16), Paris (November 17), Berlin (November 18), London (November 19) and New York (November 20

RiRi’s album drops worldwide November 19th. Check out a few photos and video from the tour below.


Rihanna even posted a few photos on Instagram while on tour. RiRi and her friends were having some furn after day 2 in Canada. A topless photo of Rihanna covered in Canadian money while smoking, along with her friends wrestling made their way on the social website.

Photos via Popcrush, NecoleBitchie, GlobalGrind, Instagram


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