Rihanna Visits Amsterdam Cannabis Cafe

Rucuss staffOctober 27, 2011

Rihanna made good use of the phrase “Puff, Puff Pass” on Tuesday.

According to the Daily Star, RiRi went to the infamous Bulldog Cafe in Amsterdam. The songstress is on the European leg of her Loud tour and is taking full advantage of visiting as many seedy places as she can.

Rihanna, who dropped $1,500 at a sex shop last week, was photographed leaving the cafe with her posse sporting a fur hat and sunglasses. We wonder did she wear the shades to shield the paparazzi from her red, droopy eyes. The cafe is one of the first in Holland to start legally selling marijuana after it was decriminalized back in the ’70s.

It’s not a shock to us that RiRi visited the weed cafe. Her new video show “We Found Love” spotlights recreational drug use. She even has a song called “Blunts Rolled” on her upcoming album Talk That Talk.

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