Rihanna to Paparazzi: ‘Free Tickets These Nuts’ [Video]

Rucuss staffJanuary 26, 2013

Rihanna reached her breaking point with paparazzi outside Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood.

The Diamonds singer was swarmed by paparazzi while walking to her car, thanks to her sheer dress that showed her bare breasts and black underwear. And things got ugly fast after a photographer continued to ask RiRi for free tickets to one of her concerts.

Rihanna got in her car and roll down her window and address the free ticket request.

“F-ck all of y’all,” Rihanna said. “Y’all muthaf-ckas better pay, you make enough money off of me. B-tches. Talking bout free tickets! Free tickets these nuts!”

RiRi may have had one, two many drinks in the club. Or this animosity towards the paparazzi finally got the best of her. Watch the incident unfold below.

Photos via Perez Hilton and Celebuzz


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