Rihanna Got Pole-Dancing Lessons From Nicole ‘The Pole’ Williams for Pour It Up Video [Details]

Rucuss staffOctober 2, 2013

Strippers and dollar bills.

Rihanna debuted her long-awaited video for her strip club anthem Pour It Up off her album Unapologetic. RiRi co-directed the raunchy video that features exotic dancers including Nicole “The Pole” Williams, Candace Cane, and Secret Moneii, who perform acrobatics on the pole.

RiRi also shows off a few pole tricks and dance moves in the video. She wears a diamond-encrusted bra and blonde wig while twerking on a throne. She swings from a pole, smokes, and stuffs money down her underwear.

“I bet you never seen bitches twerk on water,” said RiRi, who described the set as a “no basic zone.”

Nicole “The Pole” Williams is responsible for training RiRi for the video. Williams hooked up with Rihanna while auditioning to be one of the dancers for the new video earlier this year.


Immediately after landing the job, Williams taught RiRi how to handle the pole. Williams, who owns  Allure Pole Dance & Fitness Studio located in L.A., has over 10 years experience and has plenty of YouTube videos that shows off her skills.

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Williams admits that pole dancing didn’t come naturally to her. It was a work in progress.

“Sexy movement was not something I actually felt comfortable doing,” Williams said on her website. “I had to teach myself how to relax, slow down, feel my body and be graceful. Pole Dancing is a Powerful Movement and I absolutely love how empowered & confident my clients feel after their first class.”

Watch the video below.

Watch behind the scenes footage below.

Photos via Instagram and Rap It Up


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