Rihanna Argues With Fan on Twitter, She Loves Tweefing!

Rucuss staffDecember 13, 2011

Rihanna had a war of words with a fan.

The pop star got into an argument or ‘tweefing’ as T.I. would say on Twitter. But this is not the first time. RiRi may need to let her publicist or assistant handle her account, because she sure can’t keep her emotions out of it. But she’s human we all have our weak moments and explode.

RiRi unleashed her wrath on a fan after the woman misunderstood a tweet she put out. The fan brought up Chris Brown and the word B*tch was used. It got ugly, take a look:

NickeyRockstar has deactivated her account since the feud. WOW! Tweefing at its finest.

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