Rihanna and Chris Brown Reunite For Remixes, ‘Birthday Cake’ & ‘Turn Up the Music’ [Audio]

Rucuss staffFebruary 21, 2012

There’s no proof on whether Rihanna and Chris Brown are a couple again.

But there is proof that the two have been making music together. The former lovebirds have been busy making not one, but two songs. RiRi and Chris return each other favors by appearing on remixes.

Brown’s remix to “Turn Up the Music” is the safer track of the two. But many eyebrows will be raised once they hear RiRi’s remix for ‘Birthday Cake.’ They are sending mixed messages to their huge following whether they are indeed on again or off. But that’s exactly how they probably want it to appear.

RiRi’s remix was perfectly timed and released on her 24th birthday. Rihanna and Chris take turns rapping back and forth with very suggestive lyrics.

After RiRi sings her first verse of the original song, Brown jumps in with some pretty spicey lyrics. He raps:

“Girl, I wanna f-ck you right now.
Been a long time. I been missin your body.
Lemme lemme turn the lights down.
When I, when I go down it’s a private party.
Ooh ooh, it’s not even her birthday,
but I wanna lick the icing off.
Give it to her in the worst way.
Can’t wait to blow her candles off.”
Then RiRi answers back with a verse:
“Remember how you did it, remember how you did it
If you still wanna kiss it, come come and get it
Put a candle on my muthaf-ckin back, baby blow it
Daddy make a wish, put this cake in your face

 Listen to ‘Birthday Cake’ remix below.

Listen to Brown’s ‘Turn Up the Music’ below.


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