Rick Ross Talks ‘Mastermind,’ Marriage & Calls 50 Cent A Donkey With The Breakfast Club [Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 6, 2014

Rick Ross is making the media rounds promoting his new album, Mastermind.

After his latest EP dropped on Tuesday, Rozay visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. The Maybach Music CEO talked about his album, 50 Cent, the Atlanta club shooting, and whether or not he’s ready to get married.

Its been a rough week for Ross. He celebrated his album release in Atlanta on Sunday, but things ended on a sour note. The club DJ was wounded after he allegedly opened fire on two cops outside the Velvet Room. The shooting took place after a dispute between the DJ and another man in the back parking lot.

That same day, Ross came in the crossfire in 50 Cent’s feud with Steve Stoute. 50 insinuated that Rick Ross and Diddy were gay.

50 Cent Suggests Diddy, Rick Ross & Steve Stoute Are Gay [Details]

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Check out excerpts from Ross’ video below.

On if the Atlanta shooting at his album release party negatively impacted his reputation: I’m  not gonna say that. Just performing in clubs and things like that…those type of things happen….Shot out to the DJ. Bistro. He [is] a super cool dude. I don’t wanna speculate on it. That was unfortunate. Besides that, it went well. You just wake up in the morning to the news.
If rapper T.I. orchestrated ending his feud with rapper Young Jeezy: If he spoke to Jeezy on his side, I really wouldn’t know. Jeezy, we ran into each other. It’s bigger than us….Because we would be in the clubs, we would be around each other and it wouldn’t be fair for our teams. It’s small talk. We didn’t lose no money.
50 cent-rick ross steve stoute diss-the jasmine brand
On 50 Cent posting photos of him allegedly kissing Diddy: Was he in his pimp and curly mode? We don’t have time for that. We winning. Other than that, put the wigs on. Other than that, we gon’ keep getting this money.
Why he purchased Evander Holyfield’s mansion: When I first came to Atlanta, the first place I went to was Evander Holyfield’s crib. Maybe 04. I just wanted to go there…That’s inspiration. Create some little things where we bring kids from different places…have some my homies from the Heat, give ‘em some encouragement.
If he and 50 Cent could ever be friends: I don’t believe so. We just different people. All my people’s eating. We open the door to everybody that wanna win. I wanna see my homies selling more records than me….Y’all wanna crack jokes like donkeys. When I shine, my homie shine….Y’all betta check my IG. I’m passionate about this. I put in almost 15 years. When donkeys do little things…
If he has plans on getting married: That ain’t on my mind. My heart is on what I’m doing. What I’m building. It wouldn’t even be fair. But we can be cool.
Watch the full interview below.


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