Rick Ross Denies Canceling Detroit Show Over Mob Threat [Details]

Rucuss staffJune 25, 2014

Don’t believe the rumors.

Well, that’s what Rick Ross said. The Miami native is telling his side of the story after reports that he was denied access to Hot 107.5′s Summer Jamz 17 concert in Detroit over the weekend. Rozay was allegedly a no-show after being blocked from entering Chene Park Amphitheater by an angry mob organized by Detroit rapper Trick Trick.

But Ross said that’s not true. During an interview with Felisha Monet on 99 Jamz on Monday, Rozay said he was unable to perform at the show, but it wasn’t because he feared for his life. He claims his team arrived to the venue before him, but the entrance was locked.

“I never even made it to the venue,” Ross said. “Me and [the program director], we never crossed paths. He never spoke with Rozay. And I expect him to clarify that.”

Say What: Was Rick Ross Run Out Of Detroit?

Ross was scheduled to headline Saturday’s concert, which also included Scarface, B.o.B., A$AP Ferg, and Sevyn Streeter. But shortly before he performed, Hot 107.5 program director Jay Hicks told the crowd that Ross would not be hitting the stage.

“I’m going to be real with y’all; I’m going to be real as fuck,” said Hicks. “We had Rick Ross right outside here tonight at about 11 o’clock. As he was pulling up to come into Chene Park, he was met by 100 individuals outside. We will try to pull every resource together and ask [Ross] to come back. He is in fear of his life. I’m just being real; real talk.”

Ross denied the rumors that he was greeted by a mob of 100 people, who forced him to cancel his appearance.

“And that’s when I got this story that we’re supposed to pay the mob gang,” he said. “That’s totally false.”

Ross was still paid for the gig, but feels bad for the fans who waited six hours to see him perform.

“For whatever reason they did this, I don’t understand it,” Ross said. “Because if there’s somebody that’s supposed to be from the jungle, in the jungle you don’t lock the lions out. You let the lions in and lock ‘em in. That’s when you get your confrontation if that’s what you want.”

Watch Ross interview below.


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