Rich Homie Quan Settles $2 Million Lawsuit With Former Label, T.I.G. [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 2, 2016

Rich Homie Quan can breathe a sigh of relief.

It appears Quan as settled his case with former label T.I.G. (Think It’s A Game Entertainment). Back in November, T.I.G. sued the rapper for breach of contract after the ATL rapper filed a lawsuit against them for unpaid royalties. The label asked for an injunction against Quan prohibiting him from releasing any new music or signing any new deals.

Now a new press release announces that  Quan and T.I.G. set aside their differences and negotiated an agreement outside of court.

“I feel like LeBron James, I’m ready and looking forward to ending 2016 with a bang, my fans will not be disappointed,” Quan said. “It will be cinematic. Just like a movie.”

T.I.G.’s CEO, Fly, spoke optimistic as well.

“I am going to keep it short and sweet,” Fly said. “We are family! We started together and we are going to finish together. It’s been a long ride, but get ready for greatness.”

Now Quan can release his debut album, Rich As In Spirit.

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