RHWOA: Peter Thomas Says Sheree is Not Cute, Kim Has a Foul Mouth and NeNe is Real!

Rucuss staffNovember 22, 2011

Peter Thomas wants to set the record straight.

Thomas, who is the husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey, gave an interview with Uptown magazine and trashed most of the cast members earlier this year. Now, he’s back with his second interview with the same magazine and he doesn’t apologize for his comments.

The fiery Jamaican gives insight on what happened between Apollo and what he thinks about the others on the show. He stands by his comments that Sheree Whitfield is not cute and Kim Zolciak has a foul mouth.

Here are a few excerpts from the Uptown interview:

On clashing with Apollo:

What people see is what it is. I don’t really know Apollo. Apollo felt like he was defending his wife [regarding] the Uptown article that I did ….. the article wasn’t about them. The article was about how I felt about what my wife said and what people were saying about, you know, Uptown Restaurant and Lounge and that she gave me money to do it. I wanted to set the record straight by saying yes she made a contribution but I didn’t take her wallet to do it.

Related Posts with ThumbnailsThe real problem with Sheree:

She talks about everybody f****ed up all the time, especially my wife. She said my wife is spineless. She said my wife has no backbone. She said my wife follows around NeNe like some little puppy. She says a lot of really f****ed up things and my wife is too much of a classy chick to even go in on that so, when they ask me what I think, because me and my wife is one, I’m gone say how I feel. She thinks she’s cute but I don’t think she’s cute. If she thinks she’s cute, then that’s on her. It’s like when I watched [the show Sunday] night and she said  ‘well, I know I’m cute’ and my answer was ‘really.’ It didn’t change how I feel. But all of that was at the top of the year. I just saw Sheree recently after the Soul Train Awards. She came through to Bar One and  maybe she forgave me or I forgave her. We don’t know. Let’s see what happens next.

About NeNe and her mouth:

When I say NeNe is loud, it’s because NeNe got a big ass mouth but I love her. I love her to death. I love her. She’s cool as hell. She’s the realest as far as I’m concerned.

About Kim and her mouth:

When I say Kim is crazy as hell, it’s because her mouth is so reckless. All kinds of s**t come out of her mouth. I don’t think they have ever shot Kim without beeping, without beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep, because she talks crazy. That’s how she talks.

Why he loves his wife and other people can’t stand it:

My wife is not just beautiful. She’s extremely beautiful. I’m not just talking about the exterior and what everybody sees. I’m talking about her make-up–her honesty, her softness, her caring ways. She’s an angel. I’m a lucky man. I’m the luckiest man on the planet. I will do nothing ever to disappoint her. I live for her. When a man and a woman say I do in front of God and family and friends they’re basically saying it’s a ride-or-die type situation. I’m old school so that’s the way I think and I believe that’s the way my wife thinks also. This is not for the moment. So, when people were saying they didn’t think we would last a year, we were actually laughing at them because they didn’t put this together; God put this together. It didn’t come together because of materialistic things. It came together because of how we truly feel for each other. We’re in love with each other and a lot of people hate that because they might not have that in their life. But guess what? That’s their f***ing problem.

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