Renaldo Balkman Chokes and Pushes Teammates During Philippines Basketball Game [Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 8, 2013

Former NBA player Renaldo Balkman had an epic meltdown during a Philippines Basketball Association game.

Balkman, who played six seasons with the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets, felt he had been fouled on a miss shot by a Alaska Ace player and he reached his boiling point during his team’s (the Petron Blaze Boosters) loss. He missed the hook shot with 26.7 secounds remaining, trailing by seven.

But Balkman never got a chance to redeem himself. He yelled at officials and pushed teammates that tried to calm him down. His teammate Arwind Santos shoved Balkman back and the former Knick responded by putting his hands around Santos’ throat.


Someone wearing a denim vest eventually came out of the stands to calm Balkman down. Television announcers speculated the man may have been a friend. After the incident, Balkman went on Twitter to apologize.




Balkman received a lifetime ban and small fine from the Philippines Basketball Association for the incident. PBA commissioner Chito Salud made the announcement on March 11 and said in his statement that he took Balkman’s history into consideration when making his decision.

Salud cited a headbutting incident from a FIBA game between Puerto Rico and Venezuela, and a preseason incident with the bench of an opponent as reasons for his decision. The fine was for around $6,100.

Watch Balkman’s meltdown below.


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