Red Lobster Waitress Suspended After Posting Customer’s ‘Racist’ Receipt On Facebook [Details]

Rucuss staffSeptember 9, 2013

A 19-year-old Red Lobster waitress was suspended with pay after she posted a customer’s receipt on her Facebook page.

Toni Christina Jenkins said she was in the middle of her shift at a Nashville, Tennessee Red Lobster when she began serving two “extremely rude” customers. She said the customers ordered $45 worth of take out food, but they did not leave a tip.

Jenkins, who is in nursing school, said when she picked up the receipt she saw a written ‘none’ in the tip line, and the word ‘nigger’ beneath it, Mail Online reports. She couldn’t believe her eyes and decided to show her Facebook friends the receipt.

Red Lobster

She posted the photo above with the caption:“This is what I got as a tip last night…so happy to live in the proud southern states..God Bless America, land of the free and home of the low class racists of Tennessee.”

She continued: “They were extremely rude, but I introduced myself to them and they didn’t respond. When I came to take their order they simply told me they wanted their food and to put everything in a to-go box. I offered them dessert but they told me abruptly that they just wanted the check.”

After the receipt went viral, Jenkins was placed on “suspension with pay” while Red Lobster management determines if she violated policy. She has since deleted the post.

While Jenkins has many supporters behind her for exposing the alleged racist, some are questioning if the customer even wrote the slur on the receipt. Some pointed out that the ‘e’ is different in both words. Another person went into more detail.

One man wrote: “As a black man, I simply don’t believe this is real. The word ‘none’ has totally different handwriting from the word ‘Ni**er.’ There’s lots of stories lately of people making false accusations of racism or discrimination for attention. I think you should just admit you did this yourself because you were mad he didn’t tip you… This poor man is innocent and I think you are racist against white people.”

But Jenkins insists that the receipt was handed to her with the slur and she stands by her story.

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