Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Cedric Martinez Says Lisa & Ken Had Affairs, Claims He Was Invited to SUR [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 17, 2012

The Real Houswives of Beverly Hills had plenty of twists and turns during last night’s episode.

Lisa Vanderpump’s ex-house guest Cedric Martinez even made an appearance on the show. During the show, Martinez crashed the opening party of Lisa’s SUR restaurant in an attempt to make piece. Lisa didn’t bother to hear Cedric out and immediately asked him to leave.

Cedric is now firing back at claims that he crashed the party. Cedric’s rep sent an email explaining what really went down that night. Cedric alleges he was invited to the party and he has emails to prove it. He also alleges Lisa and Ken Todd had extramarital affairs.

Check out the statement to Reality Tea below:

“As viewers have seen all season, and especially on last night’s overly scripted episode of Real Housewives, Lisa Vanderpump is a bitter, conniving woman who will do anything for fame (and a terrible actress)! She keeps saying what I “did” to her was “vicious” but she never really says what I allegedly did.

Well let me tell you what she did: When Lisa discovered the truth about her husband’s prostitutes, affairs and love child, she made the choice to stay with a cheater so she could continue on her desperate quest for fame. Then she kicked me to the curb, filed a false police complaint and conspired with her friend, the Editor of Us Weekly to defame and slander me.

And you gotta give her credit. It’s worked, so far. She’s more famous than ever; her loveless, sexless marriage is still alive, albeit on life support; and I’ve been marginalized. But the truth is starting to leak out and soon everyone will know of her secret extramarital love affair and the truth about her vicious attacks on me.

What viewers didn’t see last night was the weeks of back-and-forth negotiations between my manager and [name removed], the Executive Producer of Real Housewives. Dave cleared my invite (and the “olive branch” script) with Lisa. In fact, they even discussed a possible spinoff starring Lisa and me, if, according to [name removed], everything went well at the Sur party.

As proof, I’ve asked my manager to release a few of the many emails between him and [name removed] (below).

Lisa has succeeded thus far in trashing my name and manipulating the other housewives. But the race is long and I’m confident that as the truth slowly comes out, the public will come to realize Lisa’s pretty facade hides a heartless, bitter, rotting core.

Thanks to my friends and fans who have stuck with me throughout this painful process. It’s been a rough year but with your help and support, I’ve landed on my feet and I know the best is yet to come! Cedric

P.S. SUR: Sexy Unique Restaurant? Really? WTF!”

Check out the emails below.


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