Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore’s Boyfriend Allegedly Dating Aspiring Singer [Details]

Peaches GrantDecember 4, 2012

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore may have moved to Atlanta for nothing.

As it turns out, her boyfriend Walter Jackson is rumored to be a ladies man in the ATL. But Moore didn’t seem to get the memo. During this season, Moore revealed that she moved to Atlanta to show Jackson that she was serious about the relationship. She has also been pressing Jackson for a marriage proposal.

But judging by Jackson’s actions in the last few weeks, the couple may be on the outs. Jackson was spotted at a Atlanta Hawks-Los Angeles Clippers game with another woman. Jackson was with aspiring singer/songwriter Christon Ingram on the executive level having drinks on November 24.


Moore has never spoken publicily about the current status of her relationship with Jackson. She’s only revealed that viewers just needed to wait and see. But judging by Jackson’s actions, the couple must have called it quits.

And if Christon has anything to say about it, she wants the world to know now. She posted a photo of her and Jackson on Instagram. The photo could be innocent but she still posted it.


Get a closer look at Christon below.


Chirston appears to be much younger than Jackson. No word on whether the aspiring singer is using Jackson to get a step up in the music industry since he’s got some notoriety because of the show. But hey, why not have fun in the meantime.

Listen Christon sing at the 1:00 minute mark below.

Photos via Instagram


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