Real Housewives of Atlanta: Move Over Kandi, NeNe Leakes Sings Too! [Video]

Rucuss staffFebruary 9, 2012

Linnethia Leakes is ready to show the world her talents.

NeNe has made a name for herself as the loud mouth cast member on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. And since the show’s premiere a few years ago, she’s catapulted as the star of the show.

NeNe has been able to book plenty of side gigs because of her stardom. Her resume includes a correspondent job on Entertainment Tonight, a cast member on Celebrity Apprentice, a guest role on ‘The Game’ and now she has a recurring role on Fox hit show ‘Glee.’ She’s plays loud mouth swim coach Roz Washington.

But NeNe is not satisfied with her success just yet. She may want to add professional singer to her resume. She posted this video from KatTalesTVBlog on Twitter. It was filmed in December of 2010.

NeNe opens the video singing before she talks about what’s in store for her day. She sounds pretty good. Check out the video below.

Here’s raw footage of NeNe singing about Kim from an earlier season of Housewives.


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