Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kenya Moore Takes Shots at Cynthia Bailey [Details]

Rucuss staffNovember 5, 2012

Kenya Moore didn’t waste much time stirring up drama during the fifth season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Moore, who was allegedly hired to be the new troublemaker on the show, took aim at Cynthia Bailey Sunday night. In the season premiere, Bailey held a JET Magazine model audition at her modeling agency to pick a ‘Beauty of the Week.’ Bailey and Moore were judges at the event.

But things quickly went sour when Moore was extremely rude to the auditioning models. As the candidates walked the runway, Moore said to one model: “I’m not trying to be a mean girl. But why are you here?” To another: “That’s a man. … I’m serious. I was looking for an Adam’s apple.”

Instead of Bailey checking Moore for her rude behavior, her assistant tried to put the former Miss USA in her place. But it was short-lived because she called her security to push him away.

Bailey finally got a backbone at this point and told the security that Carlton worked for her. She then made a comment that Moore shouldn’t have security because no one knows her. After Moore watched the episode she took a few jabs at Bailey on her Bravo blog.

Moore said:

Why does Kenya  have security when no one knows who she is?” First of all, I wouldn’t need  personal security if Cynthia didn’t recruit randoms via Craig’s List or Twitter.  Secondly, it’s obvious Cynthia does not read, watch television, and has been  under a rock when I exploded on the scene years ago. I made history being  crowned the second black woman to win Miss USA and I was fifth place in The Miss  Universe pageant. Let me refresh hers or anyone else’s sluggish  memory…

If you don’t  know, you better ask somebody. I’m also that girl whose been on the covers of  and modeled for over 30 magazines from Essence to Real Health to Maxim magazine.  In fact, the very audition she held for the Jet Magazine Beauty of the Week, I  was chosen as a Jet Beauty. I also have a Jet Magazine cover. Do you have a Jet  Magazine cover, Cynthia? NO, you don’t. Additionally, I’m that girl who has had  multiple endorsements including my very own Pantene hair commercial, print ads,  cosmetic campaigns, as well as numerous fashion layouts. Yep me. However, models  usually retire around 30-years-old. Even though Cynthia is a beautiful woman, at  45, maybe Cynthia should retire her dusty old wigs and worn out makeup brushes  that are just as worn out as her welcome mat from the modeling industry. Ms. Bailey also takes a shot at me by saying she “wouldn’t be caught dead  doing some of the magazines I’ve done.” Well guess what, Cynthia, if you were on  the cover of any of the men’s magazines I’ve appeared on the cover of, we’d all  die, because we would be bored into a slow and painful death just by looking at  you. In fact, I’m bored now just by thinking about it. Now as a reminder  to Miss Bailey, since my successful modeling career and crowning, I moved on to  enjoy other accomplishments in my career, such as becoming a popular actor,  producer, director, writer, author, and businesswoman. Maybe Cynthia should move  on too. #Twirls Away

Bailey revealed how she felt about the rift to the Hollywood Reporter.

“I clashed with Kenya first before any of the other girls did — which should have been a sign,” Bailey told the Hollywood Reporter. “I really think I’m one of the easiest girls to get along with on the show but we clashed out of the gate.… That’s not really my personality to get into it with somebody the first time I meet them for 10 minutes.”

With the exit of Sheree Whitfield, the producers cast Moore and Porsha Stewart. Bailey reveals that Moore will battle nearly every cast member on the series before the season ends.

“She came in with a sense of entitlement,” Bailey said. “It’s just not cool to come in to a new group of women and not at least try to be just a little more gracious.”


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