Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Production Assistant Puts NeNe On Blast [Details]

Rucuss staffFebruary 12, 2014

Real Housewives of Atlanta stars NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore have been at each other’s throats about whose to blame for the ‘pajama party’ brawl.

Kenya feels NeNe should take responsiblity for instigating the fight because of her ‘pillow talk’ game. While NeNe believes Kenya is to blame for charging across the room that led to her friend Brandon getting up and ultimately fighting Apollo Nida.

NeNe Leakes Says She Didn’t Come Up With Questions For ‘Pillow Talk’ Game

NeNe also blames bad editing. The reality star said she did not come up with the questions for the game. Now a member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta production crew has come forward with their spin on the incident.

NeNe Leakes Blames Bravo and Kenya Moore For Fight

The unanimous source claims NeNe was really angry at Kenya because she thought the producers were trying to give the spotlight to the former ‘Miss USA.’

A source told The Fame Driven:

I work as a member of the production staff on BRAVO’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and I wanted to clarify for people what was not aired during the brawl in last nights episode since Nene Leakes has slandered us, the True Entertainment production staff, and editors of the show. For one, Nene’s erratic behavior was simply because she felt Kenya’s tardiness to her event was a devised plan for the producers to make Kenya the new star of the show, and it was NOT! Before Kenya arrived Nene was ranting, pacing, and cursing us out about how she is the star of the show, she is the relevant actress, she made “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” the success it is today, and she should not have to wait for Kenya to arrive to her event. Two PA’s were verbally disrespected and threatened by Nene when they simply tried to diffuse the situation by telling Nene that the scene could not wrap until all housewives (Kenya included) were present, we didn’t air any of that footage.

When Kenya arrived to the event Nene was already pissed, but we the producers told Nene beforehand that Kenya was going to be running late. Nene then reverted her frustrations towards Kenya and that’s when she thought to bring up the Christopher Williams and his “common law” wife rumor that Kenya stated at the winery, so that the room would gang up on Kenya, and it didn’t work out as Nene had originally planned. Prior to that night, Nene and Kenya had no issues, it wasn’t until one of the housewife husbands blurted out at Nene’s pajama party that “we have to wait for the new star of the show to arrive”, which triggered Nene’s anger, and entailed what the viewers witnessed leading up to the melee. We didn’t edit, manipulate, or conjure up a devious plan to sabotage Nene like she would want people to believe. We cannot provide or present footage that a housewife does not put out of themselves to be recorded. So for Nene to blame poor editing on the production and editing staff is the furthest from the truth, and showing no accountability on her end. 

One thing is for certain. There is enough blame to go around.


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