Ray J Trying to Move on After Fight With Fabolous

Rucuss staffSeptember 23, 2011

Ray J has finally gathered his thoughts.

The R&B singer didn’t sound like a deranged lunatic, but instead like a man with sense. Days after he called into 105.1 radio station and made foolish threats to Fabolous. TMZ caught up with him while he was leaving a hotel and he appeared calm. He said he was not proud about the altercation that happened between him and Fabolous at The Palms in Las Vegas on Sept.17.

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Ray told TMZ:

Are you going to press charges?
“Nah, why would I do that? I’m not proud of nothing that happened out here. That’s not how we roll. Period point blank.”

Why do people think you got knocked out?
I’m not  commenting on none of that. That’s not what happened. They know what happened but I’m not proud of that. You see my hand? It’s not even like that. I’m not proud of what happened. I try to stay positive with everything I do and I don’t try to bring negativity to nobody. We do a lot of business out here,  it’s not like that.”



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