Ravens Rookie Carl Davis Stuck With A Huge $11,561 Dinner Bill

Rucuss staffDecember 23, 2015

Baltimore Ravens backup defensive lineman Carl Davis got stuck with a huge dinner bill.

An huge might be an understatement. Davis has to fork over $11,561.52 this week. The tab also included a suggested gratuity of $1,798. Yes, he’s a professional football player but it still puts a large dent in his wallet.

Davis earns $25,588 per game, so that dinner bill represents nearly half of what he made in his last game. But he didn’t make a big fuss about forking over the money to satisfy his rookie dues. He simply just posted a photo of the check with the caption,” Rookie dinner. smh. Sheeshhh’

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Teammates made sure they ate well, ordering the 16-ounce filet with the Oscar topping and the porcini bone-in rib eye.

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