R & B Diva’s Nicci Gilbert Defends TV Image, Claims She’s Not Really A Bitch! [Details]

Rucuss staffSeptember 26, 2012

R & B Divas is TV One’s most popular reality show.

And while the show maybe a huge success on the big screen, tension continues to brew behind the scenes. There were reports last week that Nicci Gilbert-Daniels of the former group Brownstone was being fired because of her diva ways. and being replaced by Kelly Price. Gilbert and the network denied the rumors.

But it appears that there is some sort of rift amongst the cast and crew. During Monday’s episode, Gilbert gets upset when costar KeKe Wyatt reveals that she’s going to have some follow-up sessions with her psychologist to work through her life issues.

Gilbert didn’t think the conversation was appropriate to have over drinks. She gets so heated that she yelled at costars Monifah and Syleena Johnson. The Brownstone singer didn’t like how she was portrayed on the show and did a few twitter exchanges with her publicist, J. Charles, and one of the show’s executive producers, Phil Thornton.

Check out the Twitter conversation below.

Gilbert insists it’s not what it looks like. She continued to tweet:


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