Queen Princess Love Puts Floyd Mayweather on Blast! [Details]

Rucuss staffOctober 14, 2013

Queen Princess Love is fed up with rumors that accuses her of setting up Floyd Mayweather Jr. to get robbed.

A week after the story was leaked, Mayweather’s side piece blasted the fighter on Instagram. Queen Princess Love attempts to set the record straight by revealing text messages between her and Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Allegedly Robbed On Fight Night, Set Up By Queen Princess Love?!

The former Spearmint Rhino stripper kept the text messages discussing the rumor up long enough on her Instagram page, before she eventually deactivated her account. Check out the alleged messages below.


For the record, it hasn’t been revealed what Queen Princess Love’s real name is. The only information about her is that she is a former stripper who lived in a suite at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Mayweather’s dime.

Mayweather’s ex-best friend 50 Cent is the one that revealed Queen Princess Love and Ray J were hooking up on Instagram in September. And since then, things have been downhill for Queen Princess.


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