A Pregnancy, Cheating & Fights Revealed At Love & Hip Reunion [Details]


The Love & Hip Hop New York reunion show won’t disappoint its fans.

The season finale, which was filmed on Wednesday, is filled with plenty of drama surrounding cast members. MediaTakeOut.com reports that Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz admit that they are still having sex.

Erica’s girlfriend Cyn Santana didn’t like the news and she breaks up with the reality star on camera. Erica also allegedly gets a beat down from Nya Lee. The two began arguing and physical violence takes place with Nya getting the upper hand in the fight.

Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose end their relationship on the show. Amina Butterfly reveals she’s pregnant and that she’s filing for divorce because of Peter Gunz’s relationship with Tara.

Check out a few photos that some of the stars of the show posted on Instagram below.


Erica Mena




Joe Budden


Cyn Santana


Erica Jean


Monique and Rich Dollaz


Nya Lee


Erica and Rashidah Ali

Photos via Instagram

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3 Responses to “A Pregnancy, Cheating & Fights Revealed At Love & Hip Reunion [Details]”

  1. great to see DLH on Erica Jean

  2. sherryl says:

    Nya Lee knows she can best erica even thou she has a big mouth she shouldn’t have got beaten up tara is stupid and gets what she deserve peter is a cheater women please run aids is out there handy is rich but when it comes to men she is dumb as hell
    I mean handy is dumb for being with losers no wonder her and tara are friend kmichelle help your girls they need it tara dump the twins she met is fine love is a word not an action stop being a dummy amenia you will succeed because you are smart and talented get rid of that zero peter gunn Saigon and erica jean should break up because he is a womanizer look at his pass relationship
    I don’t have money but
    I’m not stupid especially when it comes to men.joe budden and tahiry should breakup he like the scongy women to much.

  3. sherryl says:

    I love Love and hip hop New York. Even thou they had a few wild character I overall really enjoyed the show. Cannot wait to see the next season. I fefinely hope most of the old cast reappear. I loved Am in a Buddafly and her music the most out of the entire show. A Fan.

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