Police Stop Streaker At Miami Heat Game, Check Out Five Who Almost Made it [Photos]

Rucuss staffMay 24, 2012

A streaker is not a rare occurrence at sporting events.

Most usually opt for outside events but one man decided to try his luck during Game 5 of the Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers game in Miami Tuesday night. According to FoxSportsFlorida.com, a man was arrested during the second half of Miami’s 115-83 playoff win for attempting to run onto the court with only a t-shirt on. The man was spotted before he could make it onto the court.

It’s unclear why the man decided to streak the Miami Heat came but many speculate it had to do with rapper Rick Ross proposal two weeks ago. Ross offered $10,000 to any fan who would streak across the court of the 2012 NBA Finals wearing nothing but an Maybach Music Group shirt and screaming the release date of the Self Made Vol. 2 album.

We hope the streaker wasn’t trying for the $10,000 because he didn’t follow the instructions. Ross specifically said during the NBA finals, eh, this was just a playoff game. Check out a few streakers who were able to run onto the field below.

A topless streaker has made a grab for the EUR0 2012 soccer trophy in the Ukraine. Apparently she's not a huge fan of the other footy.

A topless streaker tried to grab the EUR0 2012 soccer trophy in the Ukraine. Unfortanately, she wasn’t successful in her efforts.

Rogers Centre streaker

This 17-year old kid, who painted YOLO (you only live once) across his chest, stripped down to his underwear and ran across the Rogers Centre turf during a Blue Jays game. It was on his bucket list.

Dog Show Streaker

Check out Mark Roberts, who is a 45-year-old serial streaker who interrupted the 2010 Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England wearing only a cat’s face over his ruff parts. Wow!

The Disobedient Streaker

This man streaked a cricket event in New Zealand in March, 2010 with the words “NANA SAID NOT 2” written on his back. Clearly he didn’t listen.


Umpire Jeff Kellogg tackles a fan who ran onto the field in the middle of the seventh inning of the Oakland Athletics-Baltimore Orioles game in April.

Watch Ross’ proposition below.


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