Suspect Blasts Police For Posting His Photo On Facebook [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 23, 2016

Police in Linden, Alabama got an unusual comment on a Facebook post about a man wanted.

Investigators posted on Facebook images of Roderick Hill on Sunday and they received an unexpected comment. After police warned its community that anyone caught abetting his escape would be subsequently charged with “hindering prosecution,” Hill responded to the post.

Hill couldn’t help but make a snarky comment. The 31-year old replied, “Wtf?? man y’all doing too much. It’s murderers out here and y’all worried bout lil ol me? wow…sad.”


Once others saw that Hill commented, they applauded him and even asked what he did. Check out the exchange below.


Hill is wanted for attempting to elude officers in Marengo County, Alabama. reports Hill’s rap sheet in Mobile county is mostly of non-violent offenses.

Photos via Facebook



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