Pilar Sanders Arrested For Attacking Deion Sanders at Their Home! [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 24, 2012

After photos hit the internet of Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds at the Broadway opening of A Streetcar Named Desire, things took a turn for the worse at their home.

NFL hall of famer Deion Sanders claims his estranged wife Pilar and a friend attacked him in front of his boys on Monday. Sanders told TMZ he was in his bedroom when Pilar came in with a friend and began “kicking, biting, and scratching” him in front of his sons. He claims he defended himself until he was able to call police.

Pilar claimed she needed medical attention and was transported to the hospital. In an effort to cover his back, Sanders quickly gave his side of the story on Twitter. He also tweeted photos of him and his boys filling out police reports after the incident.

Sanders tweeted:

“Pray for me and my kids now! They just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She’s going to jail n I’m pressing charges!

I’m sad my boys witnessed this mess but I warned the police department here that she was gone try n harm me and my boys. This is on my mama!”

filling out police reports now! Thank God for this platform to issue the Truth.”

According to the Collin County website, Pilar was charged with a Class C misdemeanor “Assault Family Violence” and bond was set at $264.



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