Peggy Tanous Quits The Real Housewives of Orange County

Rucuss staffOctober 8, 2011

Real Housewife of Orange County star Peggy Tanous is not returning to the show.

Tanous, who has only been a part of one season, posted on her Facebook page that she has resigned from the Bravo series.

“After months of negotiation and soul-searching, I  have declined their offer to return to the show,” Peggy writes. “I just felt in my heart that being around the negative energy of certain cast members, being forced to have ‘dramatic’ confrontations and the time it would take me away from  my family was just not a healthy path for me.”

Tanous said a mouthful in that post, especially the part about being forced to have “dramatic” confrontations. During her short time on the show, Tanous was open about her battle with postpartum depression and thoughts of suicide.

Tanous is married to Micah Tanous and has two girls.

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