Paul Wall Defends Lean, Says It Isn’t Killing Rappers [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 7, 2016

Paul Wall believes ‘lean’ is getting a bad wrap.

The Houston native is frustrated to see lean being blamed for the death of many rappers. Wall sat down with DJ Smallz for an interview and when  asked about Master P’s recent interview on The Breakfast Club, he had a lot to say about the topic.

“Everybody getting high now,” Master P said during the interview. “The syrup is killing this generation.”

DJ Smallz asked Wall about this statement, which the “Sittin Sidewayz” rapper refuted.

“I got nothing but respect for Master P, but… It might be killing off a generation theoretically, but not sending people to the graveyard,” Wall said. “I personally don’t know not one person in my whole life who has ever died as a result of sipping syrup. They might have syrup in their body when they die, but that don’t kill ’em.”

Wall believes its alcohol, other drugs and obesity. He pointed to many syrup sippers’ lifestyles as the reason for their death. Wall claimed that Pimp C died from not using his CPAP mask for sleep apnea and Big Moe died from obesity as opposed to their syrup use. Wall did, however, criticize the mixing of syrup with alcohol and popping pills for its disastrous results.

“There’s a lot of culture vultures out there taking our culture down here in Texas,” Wall said. “It is killing our culture cause this used to be something that was our thang that everybody else in the world used to laugh at.”

Watch Wall talk about syrup below.


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