Paul George Allegedly Catfished By Gay Man, Sent Nude Pictures [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 23, 2014

Indiana Pacers star Paul George is the latest athlete who has been caught up in a catfish scandal.

George was allegedly catfished by a gay man who posed as a woman. The Fresno State baller was tricked into sending selfies that included at least one nude photo.

The person who tricked George doesn’t have many details on his/her website, but the Tumblr site is loaded with selfies from famous people the person allegedly has catfished in the past. In addition to George, Kenyon Martin, Lil Romeo and Raz B have also allegedly been catfished by this con man.

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After this fiasco, George may want to stick to meeting people in person. Check out more selfies he allegedly sent below.

Paul George nude selfie

Paul George nude selfie

Paul George nude selfie

 If interested, check out more photos from the man’s site here.


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