Patti LaBelle Agrees to Pay $100,000 For Temper Tantrum at Mother & Child [Details]

Rucuss staffSeptember 5, 2012

Legendary singer Patti LaBelle will think twice about going off on strangers.

LaBelle allegedly cursed out a pregnant mother and her 18-month old daughter in her Manhattan building in 2010. Now she has agreed to pay $100,000 for her actions, the New York Post reports. Roseanna and Kevin Monks’ lawyer, Sam Davis, said LaBelle opted to settle the case before it went to trial.

LaBelle allegedly shouted the F-word, called Monk a “c–t,” and drenched her with bottled water after complaining her daughter was playing near the lobby door. Monk claims LaBelle’s temper tantrum made her daughter hysterical. LaBelle allegedly had to be held back by her entourage and hustled into a waiting car.

Court papers said the child, now 3 1/2, has suffered personality changes, sleep disorder” and “increased fear of strangers.” Roseanna, a former kindergarten teacher, said all proceeds will be donated to the Hope & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund.


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