Pat Houston Wins Restraining Order Against Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Responds!

Rucuss staffMarch 27, 2014

Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law and former manager Pat Houston has taken out a restraining order against her niece Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s husband, Nick Gordon.

Pat filed the protective order because she feels threatened and fears for her life after seeing Nick made threatening comments and posted photos of guns on Twitter. TMZ reports a judge has granted her request and has ordered Nick to stay 200 yards away from Whitney’s sister-in-law.

The feud between Nick and the Houstons began at Pat’s daughter’s sweet 16 party. Nick and Bobbi Kristina’s nephew Gary Michael Houston get into a fight at the event. Months after the fight, Nick called Gary a ‘b*tch’ and said Pat started ‘acting fake’ after the death of Whitney.

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Then Nick took it a step further and posted more negative comments and numerous photos of guns on Twitter.
 photo Nickgordonpattweet.png
 photo nick-gordontweet1.png
 photo nick-gordontweet2.png
 photo nick-gordontweet3.png
And it appears that Bobbi Kristina is on her husband/adoptive brother’s side. She posted the tweet below.
 photo bobbi-callsoutpat.png
Then Krissy retweeted Nick’s comments.
 photo bobbikris-pattweet1.jpg
Hopefully, both sides can reconcile and come together as a family.

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