Pamela Smith Ordered to Pay Michael Jordan’s Legal Fees For Bogus Paternity Suit [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 8, 2013

A woman who filed a false paternity suit against Michael Jordan must pay a fine for lying about it.

Pamela Smith, who claimed Jordan fathered her love child and filed a lawsuit against him in February, has actually cost herself money by going after the NBA legend. Earlier this week, a judge ordered Smith to pay Jordan’s legal fees after throwing out the paternity case, TMZ reports.

Smith was ordered by a judge to pay Jordan’s legal fees of $9,704.13. Smith was demanding a DNA test, full custody and child support from Jordan for her 17-year-old son, Grant Pierce Jordan Reynolds. But the judge found that Smith made the entire story up, calling the claim a publicity stunt as she hired a publicist before a lawyer to make her case.

Michael Jordan Hit With Paternity Lawsuit, Accused of Fathering Secret Love Child [Details]

Smith also left out that Jordan already took a paternity test in 2003 and proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he is not the father.

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Smith, who also goes by the name Evette Smith, calls herself a certified “loveologist” and claims to be Atlanta’s best expert with oral sex and romantic relationships. We’re not sure if she put her expertise to work with Jordan or not, but she didn’t get a child out of the deal.

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