Pamela Smith Drops Paternity Suit Against Michael Jordan! [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 18, 2013

NBA legend Michael Jordan won’t have to take a paternity test after all.

Pamela Smith who accused Jordan of being the father of her 16-year old son, Taj, has dropped her paternity suit against him. Smith, 48, filed the suit in February seeking child support. But Jordan denied the allegation and filed a counterclaim alleging Smith’s ex-husband was the father.

The case has been closed for now but Smith’s attorney, Randy Kessler, told Reuters that it can be re-filed at a later date. Smith voluntarily dismissed the case “without prejudice.”

“She began this case without an attorney and did her best to file what she believed to be a legally appropriate case,” Kessler told Reuters. “She then hired our firm just before the first court appearance. Ms. Smith has relied on our advice and determined that dismissal at this time, without prejudice, is in her son’s best interests.”

Smith’s dismissal comes on the heels of a judge denying Jordan’s request to dismiss her claim for paternity, YBF reports. Another court date was expected to be scheduled to determine if or when Jordan would have to take a paternity test.

Judge Denies Michael Jordan’s Request For Paternity Case Dismissal [Details]

Estee Portnoy, Jordan’s spokeswoman, told the AP that there was no financial settlement with Smith and that the lawsuit was without merit. Jordan recently applied for a license to marry his longtime fiancee.

Now, Smith’s son won’t get his wish of finding out who his father is. Jordan is scheduled to marry his fiancée Yvette Prieto on April 27 in Florida.


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