Packers Rookie Scores on Wild Kickoff Return

Rucuss staffSeptember 11, 2011


Talk about a rookie debut. Green Bay’s second round draft pick Randall Cobb out of the University of Kentucky had two touchdowns, tying a league record in Green Bay’s 42-34 victory over New Orleans Thursday night.

Cobb, who is the first NFL player born in the 1990s, impressed the crowd when he caught the ball from eight yards into the end zone and ran for a touchdown. He ran to the left as he scrambled and dodged defenders. But somehow he stayed on his feet to sprint to the end zone. He had a 108-yard return to give the Packers a 35-20 lead. He tied the NFL record for longest kick return.

Earlier in the game, Cobb put the Packers up 21-7 with a 32-yard touchdown reception for his first career score. Remember the name Randall Cobb. If last night’s game is any indication, he’s someone we’ll be talking about for many years.

Check out the video of Cobb’s 108 yard kickoff return.




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