Odd Couple! 50 Cent and Joan Rivers Shoot New Street King Commerical

Rucuss staffMarch 28, 2012

The most unlikely pair in Hollywood hooked up to film a commercial.

Rapper 50 Cent and comedian Joan Rivers were in Harlem on Tuesday to shoot a commercial for 50’s Street King energy drink. They shot the new commercial at Planet Fitness.

“I tried to put together the odd team, not the A-team,” 50 explained to Access Hollywood. “It has a lot of different layers to it for something that has to happen in 30 seconds.”

The premise of the commercial centers around a 78-year-old Joan Rivers who needs a pick-me-up while working out at the gym. Rivers aka 34 Cent talked about the concept behind the commercial, saying,The premise of the commercial is I have no energy, I drink the drink, and I’m ready for fun.” Rivers’ version of fun is rocking a $75,000 chinchilla coat and plenty of diamonds.

Rivers and 50 both tweeted about the pleasure of working with one another after the commerical.

Watch behind the scene footage below.


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