Octavia Spencer Wants Hollywood to Know She’s Not Sherri Shepard! [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 3, 2012

It appears some in Hollywood think The Help’s Octavia Spencer and The View’s Sherri Shepherd look-alike.

The two came across a few actors who mistaken their identities on the red carpet of the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Shepherd told the audience during a taping of The View that while she covered the Oscars’ red carpet several celebrities congratulated her on her Best Supporting Actress nomination.

“So many people would say to me on the red carpet, ‘Do you think you’re gonna win tonight?’ They thought I was Octavia Spencer,” Shepherd said on Thursday’s show. Shepherd didn’t seem to be bothered by the comparison when she revealed it on the show.

Spencer, who won Best Supporting actress that night, addressed the issue on Twitter. Spencer tweeted,”Dear Hollywood: Sherri Shepherd and Octavia Spencer are not the same person, but we are dear friends.”

This isn’t the first time Spencer has been mistaken for another celebrity. She tweeted,”LMAO @SherriEShepherd: the yr Mo won, people told me i was great in Precious…loved when i threw the tv down the stairs,” Spencer tweeted, referring to Mo’Nique’s role in the 2009 film.

We wonder does Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts have the same problem? Hmm…


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