Ochocinco Brings Sea Life into the Bedroom

Rucuss staffSeptember 10, 2011


New England Patriots star Chad Ochocinco wants to sleep with fish every chance he gets. So Wayde King and Brett Raymer custom-made a fish tank headboard for Ochocinco’s bed. They also did an additional shark tank that holds three flat screen TVs for his living room.


King and Raymer were featured on Animal Planet’s “Tanked.” The brother-in-laws have created plenty of tanks for celebrities through the years. They’ve done everything from pyramids to vaginas.

“We built two for (Ochocinco’s) house, one of the creators told the TV Show. “We made a shark tank for his living room and an arch tank for his bed, so when he sleeps he can look up at the  fish.[…]He was cool as heck. He’s way more outspoken in front of the camera than he is in person. He’s a really, really nice guy.”



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