Nikko Says Stevie J Was a Broke, Homeless Bum Before Love & Hip Hop Atlanta [Details]

Rucuss staffJune 26, 2013

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star MiMi Faust introduced the world to her new boyfriend Nikko during season two.

The relationship looked promising until Stevie J showed up to Nikko’s video release party. Mimi”s baby daddy gifted her with the brand new BMW and Nikko wasn’t to thrilled about the exchange. Although he thought Mimi deserved the car for putting up with Stevie J, he believed something was going on between the two.

MiMi denied the allegations but by then it was too late. Nikko tried to hit on costar Karlie Redd and that didn’t sit well with MiMi. She ended the relationship over it. Now Nikko is telling his side of the story. He recently stopped by Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 Morning Grind radio show and aired out Stevie J’s dirty laundry.

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Check out a few excerpts from the interview below:

On Stevie buying Mimi a car:

“I ‘Presidential-Rolexed’ [her]’cause I got it for some stacks. But what guy do you know, that’s gonna give a woman a rolex 6 months in to situation where you knew she was still caught up in her past? You gotta understand something too like, no disrespect but, I gotta keep it real…what makes Mimi worthy of a rolex? I gave it to her cause that’s what I wanted to do because I saw that homie wasn’t giving her NOTHING expensive. As soon as I came into the picture, he want’s to give her a car. He did the whole last year with her, never gave her anything. Nothing expensive at all. Now he wanna give her a car, cause I gave her a rolex? Really? If I can make you do that, what you gonna buy her next, a house?”

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On Stevie J’s struggle before LHHATL fame:

“In the first season, he was wearing Joseline’s boyfriends clothes. Let’s keep it real. Puff had you in an abandoned building in New York and you had to circumnavigate to Miami, to go sleep in Benzino’s office, the offices he had in Miami. You just started getting money six or seven months ago. You were broke taking the bus in Atlanta. I’ve been getting money all my life. You [Stevie] just started getting money, you haven’t had money since ’95. If you wanna take it there and talk about tic toc, it’s TV tricks. It’s all entertainment. Were ya’ll not entertained?”

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Watch the interview below.


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