Nike Celebrates LeBron James Winning MVP & NBA Championship [Video]

Rucuss staffJune 22, 2012

Miami Heat star LeBron James finished Game 5 with a triple-double and earned his first NBA title.

James helped the Heat beat Oklahoma City 121-106 to win the franchise’s second championship Thursday night. It was his first championship. Immediately following the victory, Nike released a commercial celebrating James’ role of making that championship a reality.

The commerical is entitled “The Ring Maker,” and Nike said in its official release:

“To honor one of LeBron’s finest career achievements, Nike launched a new campaign that celebrates the determination and perseverance needed to win a championship. The TV spot, which debuted immediately following Miami’s victory, acknowledges what LeBron has known his whole life – that destiny is earned, not given.

Since his rookie season in 2003, LeBron has been on an epic journey – a journey of expectation, success, challenge and ultimately victory.  Nike’s spot chronicles those memorable career moments which have molded LeBron and fueled his motivation to succeed.

The story is told through a jeweler who begins working on a championship ring when LeBron is a young phenom, crafts it over the highs and lows of LeBron’s first eight years in the league, and then finishes it just in time to be delivered for the 3-time MVP’s first championship.”

Congrats Lebron James and the Miami Heat! Watch the commercial below.


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