Nicki Minaj’s Jewelry Continues to Gain Attention

Rucuss staffSeptember 26, 2011


Nicki Minaj’s music has taken a backseat to her outfits lately.

Minaj performed one of her best shows at the IHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas over the weekend. She did a medley of hits that included ‘Fly,’ ‘Did It On Em,’ ‘Roman’s Revenge,’ ‘Moment For Life’ and ‘Super Bass.’

Although Minaj rocked the house, her fans couldn’t stop talking about her choice in jewelry. Dressed in a corset ruffle dress and pink rain boots, Minaj wore a large gold chain with a pink chicken wing attached.

Minaj teamed up with Onch Movement once again to accessorize her outlandish outfit. Minaj has  also worn ice cream cone and pretzel necklaces from Onch’s collection. Her latest piece is on sale for $79.99.

If you don’t like chicken wings, Onch has chicken legs too!

While most people see the necklace for what it is, which is a quirky piece of jewelry to gain attention. Many aren’t feeling the necklace. Some believe she is catering to a black stereotype that ‘black people love chicken.’

Was the necklace offensive?


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