Nicki Minaj Tells Fans Upset Over Canceled Show to F*ck Off, Joins American Idol

Peaches GrantAugust 21, 2012

Nicki Minaj was forced to cancel her performance at U.K.’s V Festival after being diagnosed with “strained” vocal cords.

Minaj went against doctor’s orders and performed on a bruised vocal cord on August 14 in New York, which led to the strain. Minaj gave a free concert, which was billed as makeup for her canceled Hot 97 Summer Jam set, in New York at Roseland Ballroom.

“As a result [of that performance], the [cord] has gotten worse, a rep for Minaj told MTV. “After her most recent x-ray the doctor advises she rest her voice for a few more days.”

Once word made its way on Twitter, some of Minaj’s fans weren’t happy with the news. Some even tweeted she should lip-sync. The negative comments didn’t sit well with Minaj and she went off. She tweeted:

I am so thankful to my true fans who understand WHY I couldn’t play #VFestival & WHY I can’t play Dublin. Absolutely gutted However, if u have anything negative to say to me, please #EatSh*tAndDie – I am human. I was in jeopardy of losing my voice entirely and needing surgery on my vocal chord. If u can’t understand that, your mother’s a WHORE!!!!

I will NOT let you people make me feel horrible for a f*cking HEALTH issue! That’s what got me in this mess! I shldve listened 2 the doctor! Like people are hitting me telling me I shldve mimed. No! Then you woulda made a f*cking STORY out of that too! #killyaf*ckingself

My beloved United Kingdom, u know how much I f*cking love u! Ireland, I truly appreciate you. Barbz, thnku for the well wishes. All you do is rip people apart and when they’re dead & gone u won’t lose a wink of sleep. #goF*ckYourselves

Although Minaj gave her fans a good tongue lashing, she also told them she had a surprise in store. According to Us magazine, Minaj will be joining Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey as a judge on American Idol.


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